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We take pictures of children

Today’s world is used to taking instant pictures of every step, every move, and every smile. And every child has gigabyte sized archives that preserve every moment of their lives. Photos are no longer kept close to the heart, but instead have to be fired-off to friends and relatives all over the globe. Yet it is in this very world that we-ve made it our life’s work to photograph kids.

It’s all because we still remember the time when a photograph was a celebration, a celebration event, and on both sides of the lens. It all begins with an idea — we devise the atmosphere of the upcoming shoot, and it takes us along with it, just like a theatrical production. A spoken word expands into a richly-detailed world with — images and scenery, each costume hand-made, every button, where every detail finds its proper place.

From this richly-endowed universe we visit children at playgroups, to give it to them — and that’s where the central element  comes in — play. Immediately a fairytale story takes breath, and begins to grow — and the kids who we film are the main characters, the audience and the directors.

How we work

  • We create unique photo stories.
  • We take pictures of real landscape all over the world to make a realistic backgrounds instead of taking ready-made shots from stock photos.
  • We have our own sewing factory bringing to life children’s costumes designed by our talented costume designers.
  • We construct realistic background environment with a real objects to make children believe in happening adventures.
  • We gently works with kids to make the best pictures in their life.

Our key activities


Photobook is a unique way to save an incredible emotions of a long memory. We offer your children to be protagonists in our photobooks, telling about the incredible adventures of your children.


Our stories is a fascinating adventures in which your children are the main characters. Each storiy includes a set of pictures revealing the plot with several visual plans. This set will serve in good stead for you and your children for a long good memory.


The best way to collect best memories of the kindergarden or high school graduation. Yearbooks has unique theme for decoration the background of photos and the kids clothing style. Pages of the album contents group and single photos of children.

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Kinderphoto works only with kindergartens and schools. Please be sure you able to collect a group of children for a photo session.

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