Guardian of winter

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How many times had to wonder — how wonderful frost painted the window! Who painted this rose and ferns? Who steals raisins from which lined face snowmen? Whose light trail breaks new ground fresh snow in the far corner of the lawn, as if brushed on it from the air? Avian? And here and there. Few saw the snow elf; they are in the air silently and quickly, and often pedestrian takes elf swept over his head, for a fleeting increase in snowfall, and goes deeper into his scarf. A couple of times they were able to pretend Christmas angels in frozen-lit windows.


High quality
detailed print

 Book dimensions:
30×20 cm

But in general Snow Elves — being unruly, and love the different draws: have you ever wondered why always lost one glove — well, that’s the same, only it was in the bag? Nobody knows where they come from, but be sure — should the snow fall and reach the moon (light elves eat it, pulling it out of the tube, like a milkshake), both through the sky zachertyat little winged silhouettes. You can leave them a bit of raisins outside.

Scene creation

From sketch
to final result

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