Oh, the joy of carefree, endless school holidays — when sunset never comes, days can fit a million things into them, and there's a whole lifetime from dawn until bedtime. We've tried to recall this feeling — flower-covered meadows, swings, luminescent sunlight, the house, the tree-house, a scraped knee, rope ladders... amazing jungles, where everything is teeming with life. Our children still live in that world, where a rye field is inaudibly baking on a summer's day, beyond any cartography or logic — and we hope they can spend a little longer there, unworried by care.


High quality
detailed print

Book dimensions:
24×30 cm

It's a new story we can play out together, about exactly these imagined holidays. How wonderful to be able to jump back into them in the middle of a school year, or a dull winter's day? To grab a scooter and a hat, and run back down the winding footpath through a whirlwind of cornflowers and yellow poppies.

Boy 1 Girl 1
Boy 2 Girl 2
Boy 3 Girl 3

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