Winter fairytale

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Beyond the squeaky wardrobe door there's a great open forest, enchanted by winter. Its snowy carpet Is lit by a star-spangled sky, and in it we see the footprints of gnomes and fauns. Woodland animals whisper, and brush the snow off the lower branches as they pass, and black-eyed foxes peer through the frost-thickened air. We are heading for the boundless unknown realms of Narnia, immersed in the magic of childhood – which crown every child a monarch who dares to weave their way through the lavender undergrowth, through crackling silk and velvet's electric touch.


High quality
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Book dimensions:
24x30 cm

It's an enticing game of disguises, rebirths, and wandering through space and time and for parents, there are two imposing portraits, two full-length photographs befitting a royal personage. One shows the full view of the oasis of Narnia, where we have gone with our little one... and of course, they are in the central role.

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